215 Gear introduce a new Rigger’s Belt – this belt is made to the same standards as our Ultimate Riggers Belt, with a custom 215 Slide instead of the Cobra Buckle. This aluminum buckle functions the same as the typical steel version, without the rust. Once again, our groundbreaking design goes where others haven’t. We then remove the parachute v-ring and make a sewn in attachment point. The belt is constructed with double layered parachute webbing and the entire belt is 7 Class sewn throughout, not with #69 thread, as most on the market are. We go even further and extend the 7 Class sewing past the standard WW stitch, 6 rows down the entire length of the belt. This gives us an extremely stiff belt that doesn’t roll when subloads are mounted to it. The new standard for what an Operators’ belt should be. Made with all high quality Mil-spec materials.
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